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The past year has been a wild, exciting ride. After 12 years in K-12 Ed-Tech management, I started new businesses and became truly addicted to electric skateboards (they are simply amazing). It is now summer 2019, and I am long overdue to give an update on what exactly it is that I do…

FiveForge – IT as a Utility

In January, my friend Kyle McFarlin and I came to a realization: we should combine our knowledge of project management, world class support, IT consulting, and overall obsession with technology to start a joint venture. We continued to brainstorm (often around a Denny’s breakfast at 11PM) and ultimately emerged with a vision to bring IT as a Utility to businesses in our region. Several pounds of coffee later… the company FiveForge was born. In short, we provide IT consulting and support services to small/medium businesses in Ashland, Ohio and beyond. If computers make you scream, you can read more about that here:

FiveForge – IT as a Utility

Electric Skateboards: The Obsession

Jon Tucker is the owner of Wooster Skate Shop in Wooster, Ohio. He is also a great friend who introduced me to the world of electric skateboards. He set me up with my first electric deck in June 2018 – I was instantly addicted. Soon after, we started to work together on repairs, upgrades, and custom electric skateboard designs. It is the ultimate combination of adrenaline, engineering, and creativity.

As of June 2019 I am equipped to build lithium battery packs… the first of which powered an electric scooter to 36mph (that was one sketchy ride). I plan to ultimately offer custom packs locally as an upgrade for skateboards, scooters, and e-bikes. More on that to come later.

That’s a quick glimpse at where I’ve been… I can’t wait to unveil the next eSkate project. 😉

My professional test-rider: Superbeef150

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