IT Leader & Entrepreneur Home Screen Shortcuts for iOS

I use Notion for a tremendous amount of tasks. Applications range from CRM & task management to lithium battery and electric skateboard design. Ultimately, this flexibility and power comes at a cost… accessing this mini-apps on a phone becomes a high friction point. As I consolidate more and more applications to Notion, I find that […]

eSkate & IT – Quick Summer Update

The past year has been a wild, exciting ride. After 12 years in K-12 Ed-Tech management, I started new businesses and became truly addicted to electric skateboards (they are simply amazing). It is now summer 2019, and I am long overdue to give an update on what exactly it is that I do…

Affordable all-terrain electric skateboard

Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually buy an affordable all-terrain electric skateboard. This is one of the most fun gadgets that I’ve tried this year. Along with the Nuff board, I used one of these for short commutes during a recent trip to Michigan.

Ashland Balloonfest 2018

Ashland Balloonfest 2018 was a success! Unlike recent years with uncooperative weather, the annual festival drew huge crowds. Above all, my dad was lucky enough to fly in one of the balloons. Check out the full video on YouTube.

Nuff Electric Skateboard

Over the past month, I had the opportunity to ride the Nuff electric skateboard for over 50 miles. This electric skateboard is great for beginners and experienced riders alike. Check out my latest vlog to learn more!

Nuff Electric Skateboard Unboxing

I was offered a chance to try this electric skateboard and intend to film a complete review. In the meantime, check out the Nuff Electric Skateboard unboxing video!

Hualien to Tainan, Taiwan (Vlog 015)

April 12, 2017. I travel from Hualien to Tainan as my adventure in Taiwan continues! Josh and I traveled from Hualien to Tainan, essentially traveling around the entire northern half of Taiwan.

We Crashed a Drone (Vlog 014)

It may be February, but drone weather is back! I tagged along with Jeff Wilson to see how he films a real estate video.