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Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually buy an affordable all-terrain electric skateboard. This is one of the most fun gadgets that I’ve tried this year. Along with the Nuff board, I used one of these for short commutes during a recent trip to Michigan.

This affordable all-terrain electric skateboard conquers rough sidewalks and obstacles with airless 6″ tires. Unlike pneumatic tires, inflation and leaks will never be a problem! The deck itself is slightly flexible to enhance ride quality. Finally, the deck is raised up with spacers to prevent wheel bite.

The Good

In my experience so far, I have easy ridden over harsh sidewalk edges that are taller than most longboard wheels. On any other board, I would have been thrown off immediately. I really enjoyed the ability to ride anywhere, not worrying about whether I would have smooth sidewalks and clean pavement. Ultimately, this board truly allows you to ride around small town USA where bike lanes and eboard friendly roads don’t always exist.

The Bad

With a price tag of less than $500, the board is not without flaws. The version used in this video features a 6S battery which is a bit weak in my opinion. Secondly, the ESCs are somewhat jerky from a stop, as is common with belt drive boards. Fortunately, diyeboard now offers this deck with a 10S battery, improved ESC, and a newer remote. I plan to try this option in my quest to find an affordable platform with great performance.

Where to Buy

Contact me on this site or Instagram if you have an interest in this board. I’ll be happy to provide you with a discount code that you may use with these links:

36” Dual Motor All-terrain Electric Skateboard (10S battery) $648 as of 8/28/2018 (Note: this is the more powerful 10S version of this board. The board pictured and featured in my vlog is an older 6S model.)

Alternate Options

For those fortunate enough to have smooth roads and sidewalks, the Nuff board is a great choice! Check out my review of the Nuff Electric Skateboard.

affordable all-terrain electric skateboard with vans shoes

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