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Over the past month, I had the opportunity to ride the Nuff electric skateboard for over 50 miles. This electric skateboard is great for beginners and experienced riders alike. Check out my latest vlog to learn more!

The Nuff Electric Skateboard – Overview

The Nuff electric skateboard features a swappable “booster” with two motors. Most importantly, this booster mounts the same as any skateboard truck. You can power anything from a longboard to penny board! As the battery is removable, you may extend the range with additional batteries. These cost about $150 depending on capacity.

Dual hub motors, coupled with 93 mm wheels, power this electric skateboard. They include hall sensors, so the board accelerates from a stop quite easily. Unlike some boards, I never experience jerky acceleration. Maximum speed in low mode is 15 mph, while high mode increases this to 24 mph. One unusual feature is a power limit when you accelerate from a stop.  If you back off, then jam the throttle, you’ll nearly be thrown back as the board unleashes full power! It definitely takes some time to get used to.

The Nuff board is extremely efficient, coasting for long distances thanks to the large wheels. In my test, the range topped out at 12.9 miles! According to Nuff, the board has an official range of 9-12 miles.

Potential Upgrades

I learned the Nuff board is based on the Onan X2 skateboard booster. Several companies use this booster to build their own brands of electric skateboards. According to Onan, the urethane on the hub motors is replaceable. Most hub motors cannot be repaired, so this is welcome news. Finally, it is also possible to combine two Onan X2s into one all-wheel-drive contraption with 4000 watts of combined power. I can’t wait to give this a try!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoy the Nuff board and will continue to rack up miles. The board is great for beginners, thanks to smooth acceleration, and provides enough power and top speed to satisfy experienced riders. The board does not come without faults, however. The hard wheels deliver a harsh ride compared to competing boards with softer urethane. Although roughness is exaggerated by a stiff deck, this is easy to address with future upgrades. I plan to test the Nuff booster on the DB Coreflex Compound Flex 2 deck – a flexible carving beast! Combined with Orangatang bushings this should be a much more pleasant ride.

Cost & Accessories

The Nuff Electric Skateboard retails for about $400. If you are local to Wooster, Ohio then I highly recommend that you check out Wooster Skate Shop. Here are some upgrades that I recommend.







Nuff Electric Skateboards

Onan X2 Skateboard Booster

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