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I was offered a chance to try this electric skateboard and intend to film a complete review. In the meantime, check out the Nuff Electric Skateboard unboxing video!

The Nuff Board is unique as the motors and battery pack are part of an integral booster. As a result, this booster mounts the same way as any skateboard truck. This enables for future upgrades with whatever longboard you choose.¬†Certainly, I plan to test this on my DB Coreflex composite longboard. Electric + flexible deck… ‘Nuff said (had to say it).

This deck is no slouch when it comes to performance. First of all, the advertised range is 9-12 miles. Additional battery packs will extend this range (yes, the battery is removable!) Finally, a top speed of 24 mph is enough to satisfy all but the most demanding speed demons out there.

UPDATE – Check out the full review here!

Thanks to Wooster Skate Shop for hooking me up with this deck!







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