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Hualien to Tainan, Taiwan (Vlog 015)

April 12, 2017. I travel from Hualien to Tainan as my adventure in Taiwan continues! Josh and I traveled from Hualien to Tainan, essentially traveling around the entire northern half of Taiwan.

Vlog 007 – Tech Stores in Taiwan

April 10, 2017. Our last day in Taipei consisted of bike rides around the city before we set out to explore tech stores near Guang Hua Digital Plaza.

Vlog 006 – Sunday in Taipei

April 9th, 2017 – Day 2 in Taiwan. Our first stop was the Chiang Kai-shek memorial gardens. This massive area includes the Gate of Great Centrality and Perfect Uprightness, National Theater, National Concert Hall of Taiwan, and lastly the Chiang Kai-shek memorial building.

Vlog 004 – Another Trip to Taiwan!

I convinced my friend Josh Wilson (brace yourselves – two Josh’s) to come along for an adventure in Taiwan during spring break. Follow our travels through upcoming vlogs!

The Taiwan Adventure

My trip to Taiwan (to visit none other than Tracy St. John!) was my FIRST journey outside the country. We spent the first weekend in Taipei and visited the Shilin Night Market, National Palace Museum, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. We took the high speed rail, a train, […]