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April 10, 2017. Our last day in Taipei consisted of bike rides around the city before we set out to explore tech stores near Guang Hua Digital Plaza.

We took an express train (Puyuma – 93 MPH) to Hualien where we visited the Dongdamen Night Market and spent the night at the Backpacker hostel. It was a day of travel prior to our upcoming hike at Taroko Gorge.

Technical note: I filmed most of this vlog on the Sony a6500 with 16mm f2.8 lens. I realized afterwards that the lens does not support phase detect autofocus on the a6500. I returned the lens as this was completely unusable for video. This is definitely something to be aware of for those interested in the Sony a6500 for vlogging or run-and-gun videography.

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